Website Suggestions Tool

The website suggestions tool was created to provide a quick and easy way to get invaluable feedback for any website. This tool contains over a decades worth of knowledge about search engine optimization, website performance, website monetization, and general website tips.

Each time this tool is ran, it performs over 250 unique analyzations and calculations to provide a detailed report that doesn’t just show you statistics, it provides detailed actionable items that explains the problem and provides a solution.

Here are a few things that the website suggestions tool does (* denotes a feature only available to members):

  • Checks for proper sitemap implementation.
  • Calculates page size and the size of individual elements on the page.
  • Analyzes for proper usage of meta tags.
  • Checks for potential red flags such as large groups of outbound links.
  • Checks for minified files.
  • Analyzes domain age & expiration.
  • Checks for search engine red flags such as link clusters.
  • * Checks for broken links.
  • * Desktop, Tablet, Mobile Screenshots.
  • Checks image sizes and attributes.
  • Analyzes and checks scripts & stylesheets.
  • Checks proper http status codes such as 301 and 404.
  • Calculates and analyzes external and internal links.
  • * Calculates how the webpage and domain rank in search engines.
  • Analyzes keyword location and usage.
  • * Checks for content plagiarism.
  • Analyzes for mobile compatibility.

And much, much more.

The Team

The tool provides recommendations based on the knowledge that has been gained over the last decade by Joshua Odmark.

Joshua has worked for numerous performance marketing companies, and has blogged at Search Engine Land as well as Search Engine Journal.