API Documentation

The purpose of this documentation is to help you get connected to the WebsiteSuggestions.net API and begin to execute API calls.

The Website Suggestions API is organized around REST. It was designed to have resource-oriented URLs and to utilize built-in HTTP features. This API will return XML and it expects to receive XML.

On this page you will find information on the available API methods, how to authenticate your requests to the API endpoint, examples, and code samples that will help you get started.

With the API you can…

  • Integrate website suggestions into your website, application, or service.
  • Create an internal tool for use on your Intranet.

Special Considerations

You are not authorized to sell access to this information under any circumstances without prior written consent from WebsiteSuggestions.net.

How much does it cost?

To access the API, you must have a membership to WebsiteSuggestions.net. For more information on memberships, please visit our contact page.

Where can I find my API credentials?

You can find your API Key on your account page.




Authentication Method


Example Request



Show All Suggestions


This method will display all suggestions for the POSTED webpage url. An additional parameter called 'type' may also be sent in and is optional. The allowed values are 'desktop', 'mobile', and 'desktopmobile'. These determine what type of suggestions are returned.

Please note that currently only a single webpage URL is allowed.

Code Samples