posted 2111 days ago

Indirect Link Building Techniques

What is indirect link building? Quite simply, building an indirect link is when you are able to get a link on a webpage that does not necessarily rank that high, so you build a link to that webpage that links to you, which indirectly benefits you by boosting the results of the webpage, and thus [...]

posted 2121 days ago

What is minification and how do I do it?

What is minification? Minification is the process of taking a file such as a stylesheet or a javascript file and removing all of the stuff that a browser doesn’t need to actually use the file. Many times the team or individual that created a stylesheet will include comments, spacing between items, extra whitespace, and various [...]

posted 2121 days ago

How to Choose A Web Designer or Web Developer

Introduction Choosing a web designer doesn’t have to be difficult, but many times it is because of how many web designers there are to choose from, the difficulty in validating them, and choosing just one. The reason it is so difficult is because everyone “knows” a web designer. They are everywhere. If you ask around [...]

posted 2124 days ago

Welcome to our first blog post!

I am excited to write this blog post because it is the first of many valuable blog posts that will be released on this website. The goal with this blog is to create helpful blog posts with the end goal in helping website owners improve their website and subsequently increase their organic traffic. People involved [...]

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