Inbound Links

What is indirect link building?

Quite simply, building an indirect link is when you are able to get a link on a webpage that does not necessarily rank that high, so you build a link to that webpage that links to you, which indirectly benefits you by boosting the results of the webpage, and thus passing more link juice to your website.

Lets use a real world example. Lets say you use a link building service such as unique article wizard to distribute your articles. You find that one of your articles was placed on a relevant blog that ranks for similar terms as your website, but they are not within the top 100 results on Google. While this has some value, if that site were to rank in the top 100, specifically for the keywords you were trying to rank for, this would give additional value to the link that exists on the webpage that your article is on (that points to your website using targeted anchor text). If you built links for the site that had your article on it, you would be indirectly building links for yourself.

In the image above, it would be tantamount to building links for a ‘relevant website’.

How much value does this provide?

Like all link building, it depends on the target website and your own website. One way to determine the value is to determine if the target website ranks for similar terms to your website. If they already rank within the top 100 search results for your keyphrase, your work is done. If they rank near the top 100 search results, they are a perfect candidate. If they are too far away from the top 100 search results, it will take too much effort to move the site into the top 100 search results and therefore would require more effort than it is worth.

How do I determine indirect link opportunities?

There are many ways to determine indirect link opportunities, but the best way I have found is by using SEOMoz’ open site explorer tool. The first step is to find websites that are linking to you for specific anchor text. The open site explorer tool allows you to sort them by page authority which will give you a gauge of how valuable the website is that is linking to you. A page authority between 20-40 will most likely be the type of site you’re looking for.

Here is an example report for and the keywords “wordpress mobile”.

If you’re serious about building links, paying for a membership to is a must so you can have full access to the tool.

In my experience, it is the best way to find “diamons in the rough” for your link building campaign.